Illuminate Your Winter: The Ultimate Guide to Spray Tanning in Portland

spray tan

Hey there, Portlanders!

As the chilly winds roll in and the days get shorter, who says we have to say goodbye to our beloved sun-kissed skin? Here at LUX TAN & CRYO, we’re firm believers that a radiant glow isn’t just a summer fling; it’s a year-round affair that lifts your spirits and brightens your look, no matter the weather.

Dive into the Warmth of Spray Tanning

Winter in Portland might mean cozy sweaters and warm cups of coffee, but it doesn’t have to mean bidding farewell to your tan. Our spray tanning services are here to chase away the winter blues, offering you a flawless, golden glow that feels like sunshine on your skin. It’s our little secret to keeping the summer vibe alive, even when the skies are gray.

Why Spray Tan with Us?

Opting for a spray tan, especially during these colder months, comes with a bundle of perks. Imagine getting that perfect, even tan in just minutes, without any UV risks – sounds great, right? Our spray tanning solutions at LUX TAN & CRYO are tailored to match your skin type, ensuring you walk out with a natural-looking tan, minus any orange mishaps. It’s all about looking radiant, feeling great, and staying safe.

Timing Your Winter Glow

Winter is actually the perfect season to embrace spray tanning. Not only can it complement your festive outfits, but it can also give you that extra dose of confidence during the dreariest days. Here at LUX TAN & CRYO, we’ve mastered the art of winter tanning, ensuring your glow is as believable in December as it is in July.

Pre-Tan Prep: The Key to Perfection

The journey to a stunning spray tan starts before you even step into the booth. We’re talking exfoliation, hydration, and the right clothing choices – these are your pre-tan best friends. Our team at LUX TAN & CRYO is here to guide you through every step, making sure your skin is perfectly prepped for the best possible results.

Keeping the Glow Going

A great spray tan doesn’t stop when you leave the salon – there’s an art to making it last, especially against the harsh winter air. We’ve got all the tips and tricks, from how to keep your skin moisturized to the best ways to shower, ensuring your tan stays gorgeous for longer. Trust us, with a little care, your winter tan can be as enduring as the season itself.

A Testament to Winter Wellness

But let’s not forget, a spray tan is more than just a beauty boost; it’s a slice of sunshine, a mood enhancer, and a piece of your winter wellness puzzle. Our clients in Portland have shared how a visit to LUX TAN & CRYO for a spray tan has become a cherished part of their self-care routine, offering a bright spot in the cold months.

So why wait for summer? Let’s keep the glow going all year long. Come visit us at LUX TAN & CRYO and discover how a little bit of tan can make a whole lot of difference to your winter. Here’s to staying radiant, Portland!