The Power of Cryotherapy

Woman entering modern cryotherapy chamber with assistance.


  • Pain relief and muscle healing.
  • Weight loss.
  • Reduced inflammation.
  • Reduces anxiety and depression.
  • Improves symptoms of eczema.
  • Treats migraine headaches.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Promotes metabolism.
  • Burns calories & promotes fat loss.
  • Reduces swelling & tightens skin.

Cryotherapy is the use of extremely cold temperatures to promote full body wellness results! Here at Lux Tan & Cryo we utilize the power of liquid nitrogen vapor to cool the body down and to promote healing. This method of utilizing cold temperatures as a therapy has been around for years but now with the amazing resources we have we can get the most out of this treatment! We offer whole-body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy and cryo facials. It is a quick and painless treatment that has helped clients of all ages. To book an appointment you can book online or call the location you’d like to visit.

We recommend coming in 3-5 times per week for optimal results.

Studies show cryotherapy before a workout is often used to help increase flexibility, range of motion and the flow of blood and oxygen through your body. OR train and exercise hard before or after a cryotherapy session so you can see and feel reduced inflammation, muscle soreness, and joint pain for more of a recovery session.